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archiwizacja dokumentów warszawa firmy outsourcingowe do archiwum dokumentów zarządzanie dokumentami

We are experts in the field of modern services within documentation handling, information circulation and supporting business processes of our Customers. We help in the creation of a non-paper office, replacing traditional documents with e-documents. ArchiDoc offer includes such solutions as: office support (correspondence handling), scanning / digitalisation, e-archive, data registration in Customers’ systems, e-document workflow, paper documents archiving, HR and payroll support.

The professional management of documents and back-office support, implemented with the use of modern technologies, facilitates the optimisation of the key processes of our Customers. As part of the services, we offer our unique know – how, author’s IT solutions and a specialist infrastructure. We advise our Customers on choosing solutions which are the best for their businesses and we are flexible towards their changing needs, while extending the scope of projects together. We provide services in our operational centres, in Customers’ premises or in a combined model. We handle all the processes with the use of strict safety rules, ensuring the top security of documents and data.


ArchiDoc: Polish companies implement a paperless office

60% of large and medium-sized companies surveyed by the Outsourcing Institute to the order of ArchiDoc, belonging to OEX Group, work based on e-documents. Only 13% respondents implemented a digital office within the entire organisation.


ArchiDoc digitalises the circulation of documents in ROHLIG SUUS Logistics

ArchiDoc from OEX Group implemented a first stage of services aiming at facilitation of business processes of one of the biggest logistics operator in Poland.


DPD Polska is one more client of ArchiDoc from KEP (courier, express, parcel) market

ArchiDoc from OEX Group implemented complex solution facilitating documents flow in a courier company, DPD Polska. The service was adjusted to the specification of the processes implemented by the entities in the transportation and logistics industry.

  • 2,5 BILLIONdocuments in the paper archives
  • 200 MLNobjects in the digital archives
  • 60 MLNpages digitalised annually
  • 40 MLNdocuments registered annually
  • 200 TBdata in the e-archive
  • 30 000INDO system users
  • 50administrative offices in the country
Our Customers
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