ArchiDoc entered into cooperation with Lukas Bank

ArchiDoc is running Lukas Bank’s office. The contract has been concluded for a period of three years. The process is being carried on based on the copyrighted office application INDO – SNOK.

ArchiDoc is running Lukas Bank’s office. The contract has been concluded for a period of three years. The process is being carried on based on the copyrighted office application INDO – SNOK.

The contract with Lucas Bank includes handling of both, the incoming and outgoing correspondence and internal communications. The implementation of the service allows automation and optimization of the correspondence circulation within the central office of the bank. Currently, each document category is registered in the system, including regular correspondence and internal letters, enabling thereby their easy localization and verification of their present status in the application. The project is being carried on in the headquarters of Lucas Bank in Wrocław. As part of the service, ArchiDoc has taken over and trained the whole team of employees who had formerly worked in the office.

“We have entrusted the outsourcing company with handling the matters of the office in order to improve the circulation of correspondence within our organization. Companies specializing in providing such services are equipped with better expertise, experience and technology compared with the bank. Thus, they can streamline the process, for example by eliminating a number of activities that previously were carried out manually or overlapped one another. This will enable our employees to receive their correspondence faster, which as a result, will speed up the handling of individual matters and improve effectiveness of our customer service, for both internal and external customers”, said Małgorzata Borowska, Deputy Head of Administration & Insurances in Lucas Bank.

ArchiDoc has optimized the correspondence handling process for Lucas Bank by introducing a uniform correspondence registration standard. All documents are categorized and described by acurrately defined labels. The documents are marked with bar codes and automatically registered in the system by means of a reader, which allows their explicit and instantaneous identification. Thanks to an internal organizational structure that has been implemented in the INDO-SNOK system, the bank employees, who are recipients of the correspondence, automatically receive e-mail notifications of the mail waiting to be collected. The application also enables assignment of costs to individual MPKs in case of outgoing mail.

“In huge organizations, the appropriate correspondence management is an essential element of effective operation of many departments. In a number of companies, regular or internal letters are usually not registered in any way, which practically prevents control of the flow and significantly hinders access to information concerning such correspondence. In the office model implemented by ArchiDoc, the entire correspondence is subject to registration in the system, owing to which our customer’s employees are able to systematically track the status of the correspondence. We are among the companies best experienced in implementing projects of this type. We have gained our experience by working for the largest companies in the Polish financial sector, among others for Bank Millennium or ING Bank Śląski. We are very pleased that Lukas Bank has decided to join the group of our customers”, said Dominik Łabiński, Sales Head in ArchiDoc SA. The implementation of the solution for Lukas Bank was preceded by a two-month pilot period, during which a team of the Bank office was trained in the scope of procedures concerned with optimizing the correspondence handling process and ensuring proper data security.

ArchiDoc has significant experience in implementing projects for clients from the financial sector, including Kredyt Bank, Bank Millennium, ING Bank Śląski, Pekao SA and Citibank Handlowy. In the 2nd quarter of 2011, the company also signed a contract with Getin Noble Bank SA for the servicing of the bank’s credit documentation back-office.