ArchiDoc from the OEX Group is digitizing the medical sector

After gaining a strong position in banks, insurance companies and telecoms, ArchiDoc steps up the pace of expansion in the medical sector.

After gaining a strong position in banks, insurance companies and telecoms, ArchiDoc steps up the pace of expansion in the medical sector. To this end, it established a company that will offer entities in the health care industry comprehensive support in the process of implementing Electronic Medical Records, combined with handling paper archives and servicing contacts with patients.

ArchiDoc services have been used by large commercial companies for years. The company provides services to 9 out of 10 largest1 banks and 8 out of 10 largest insurers2. ArchiDoc has a well-established position in the telecommunications and energy industries as well. It is currently planning to increase its presence in the health sector.

The level of digitization of Polish medical entities is much lower than in other sectors of the economy. For companies offering support to hospitals in this process, it is a market with a very high potential – says Konrad Rochalski, President of the ArchiDoc Management Board.

ArchiDoc, wishing to become part of the process of the digital transformation of the medical sector, has established a company dedicated to servicing this industry.

Cooperation with medical entities requires far-reaching specialization and excellent knowledge of processes taking place in health care. That is why we have created ArchiDoc MED, which offers integrated solutions supporting the daily work of hospitals and doctors, which at the same time improve the quality of patient service – adds Konrad Rochalski.

The new company will offer medical entities not only comprehensive support in the process of building, implementing and developing Electronic Medical Records, but it will also combine solutions in this area with servicing paper documents and contact center.

ArchiDoc MED has invested in EDM technology of eR company, which is used in more than 40 hospitals. The system makes it easier for entities from the medical sector to adapt to new legal regulations related to digitization.

ArchiDoc MED provides services based on the potential and infrastructure of the ArchiDoc and Voice Contact Center companies, which have 5 modern operational centers as well as technology and infrastructure dedicated to managing paper documentation and supporting patient service. ArchiDoc MED has its own R&D team responsible for the development of the offer and technology according to the needs of the medical sector.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Act on the information system in health care, all medical entities should start using EDM from 2019, and a documentation exchange between hospitals is planned to commence by 2021.

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