ArchiDoc with the biggest document archive in Poland

A company from the OASIS group is expanding their Central Document Archive in Chorzów, Poland.

A company from the OASIS group is expanding their Central Document Archive in Chorzów, Poland. After completing their investment, planned for 2021, files will be stored in the company’s Silesian headquarters, on over 20,000 square meters of space with a rack height of up to 11 meters. It is one of the biggest and most technically advanced archives in Poland. Thanks to the investment, ArchiDoc will be able to store three times more documents and acts than the State Archives are able to. The estimated cost of the investment is ca. 13.5 million PLN.

ArchiDoc – one of the largest Polish companies offering services in the field of document management and business process support, a part of the OASIS group – is carrying out an investment at PrologisPark in Chorzów. So far the company’s central archive had an area of 15,000 square meters and was able to store 50,000 running meters of documentation – which placed one next to another in a line, would define the circumference of Earth and, additionally, the distance between Warsaw and Tokyo. After the enlargement of the Central Document Archive by another 5,000 square meters, it will be the largest document archive in Poland – comparable to the National Archives in Krakow and much larger than the National Library in Warsaw, where the collections are kept on approx. 13,000 square meters.

– The expansion of the central archives of ArchiDoc is linked to the consolidation of the space, where we keep our clients documents, and on the other hand, with business development and winning new contracts. The pandemic has sped up this process – says Konrad Rochalski, president of ArchiDoc and Managing Director of the OASIS Group in Poland. He also adds that the estimated cost of the investment is ca. 13,5 million PLN.

Over the last year, the company has acquired a number of new contracts. ArchiDocs already existing clients have also increased the scale of their demands over the past few years. The financial industry plays a significant role among their clients – nearly 30 of the most significant entities of the Polish financial sector, including 9 out of the 10 largest banks in Poland, use the banking process support services offered by ArchiDoc. Among other major clients of ArchiDoc, there are entities from sectors like telecommunications and media, energy, public services, transport and logistics, construction, manufacture, medicine, pharmacy, and public administration. Most of the contracts are kept secret by ArchiDoc’s clients, for the sake of their safety.

ArchiDoc’s archives will be three times the size of the State Archives

Thanks to the currently implemented investment, the amount of the file documentation will increase rapidly and will be three times the size of the State Archives collected resources. Site consolidation will improve cost efficiency and safety. The company owns two huge central archival magazines, one in Chorzów and one in Sokołów in the Warsaw agglomeration.

Modernity and safety in the new archive

Currently, the new warehouse is at the rack assembly stage. ArchiDoc will use mezzanine racks, which allow easier access to the collected documents and thus accelerates the provision of services. Thanks to the solution, the company will also improve the rates of cubature usage of the new magazine.

The building has the highest fire and anti-burglary protection technology. ArchiDoc’s Central Archives of Documents in Chorzów is a building of the highest fire resistance class. It is equipped with additional security features: fire detectors, smoke and heat detectors, hydrants, sprinkler system, ventilation gates and protection in the form of increased efficiency of fire-fighting devices (the facility is protected by a water ring around the building, supported by a backup pump feeding the fire protection system network). There are also flood detectors and a water drainage system through ramps. The warehouse is constantly in touch with the monitoring station and the State Fire Service. In addition, the building is protected against burglary through a multi-level CCTV system, a burglary and robbery signaling system and a dedicated physical protection of the facility.

Dynamic development of the company

At the beginning of 2021, ArchiDoc opened a Credit Application Center in Katowice dedicated to banks and financial institutions. The analysts employed there deal with multi-faceted verification of the documents necessary for granting a loan or credit, including, inter alia, real estate contracts, verification of borrower profiles in accordance with the requirements of a specific institution, etc. The application files are sent to experts in banks, who are responsible for the final decision. Proper preparation of the process in terms of formalities and substantive assistance accelerates the process significantly and relieves workers of the financial institutions from a lot of work.

In 2019, the company opened an operational center in Łódź, and a year ago it moved to a larger office, where 150 people can work. A lot of the work there is performed by automatic scanners and bots, which, thanks to OCR print recognition technology, find the necessary information themselves and fill in the data sheets related to the description of the documents.