Central Document Archive in Chorzow

Central Document Archive in Chorzow

Our Central Document Archive in Chorzow is the largest archive of its kind in Poland – thanks to it we can store three times as many documents as the collections gathered by the State Archives. At the same time, it is one of the most modern and secure.

The Central Document Archive allows us to effectively manage the documents that are stored in it, as well as to carry out advanced data processing. All the procedures we implement at the Central Document Archive comply with the requirements of GDPR. It also has properly separated and secured areas for storing sensitive documents.

We have equipped the Central Document Archive with mezzanine racks 10 meters high! We also use special document management systems on a daily basis – this allows us to quickly find the right documents according to business needs and subject them to further processes, such as shredding.

ArchiDoc is growing rapidly, and more and more customers are choosing to entrust us with their documentation. The banking process support services offered by ArchiDoc are used by nearly 30 of the most significant entities of the domestic financial sector, including 9 of the 10 largest banks in Poland. In addition, our clients include companies in the telecommunications and media, energy and human services, transportation and logistics, construction and industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals. Increasingly, in the area of document management and archiving, we cooperate with public administration entities, says Konrad Rochalski, President of ArchiDoc and Managing Director of OASIS Group in Poland.

Highest security of stored documents

An important element of the ArchiDoc Central Document Archive is a state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression system that meets the most stringent Polish and global standards.

The building has the highest class of fire resistance. It is equipped with additional security features: fire detectors, smoke and heat detectors, hydrants, sprinkler system in shelves and passageways, aeration gates, and protection in the form of increased capacity of firefighting equipment (the facility is protected by a water ring around the building, supported by a backup pump supplying the fire-fighting system network). Flood detectors and a drainage system via ramps were also used. The warehouse is directly connected to the monitoring station and the headquarters of the National Fire Service.

In addition, the building is secured against burglary through a multi-level CCTV system, an intrusion alarm system and dedicated physical security for the facility.

With the help for Ukraine

In March 2022, in the separate and segregated spaces of the expanded Central Document Archive, ArchiDoc, together with the City of Chorzow, organized a collection and segregation point for donations to the needy in Ukraine. A total of nearly 500 pallets of donations were collected here and distributed to residents of Ternopil and other cities in our eastern neighbor.

The largest document warehouse in Poland

The Central Archival Storage Facility ArchiDoc in Chorzow is the largest document storage facility of its kind in the country – comparable to the National Archive in Cracow. Its area is 20 thousand square meters. Thus, it is much larger than the National Library in Warsaw, where collections are stored on about 13 thousand square meters.

In ArchiDoc we can store collections with a total length of more than 700 kilometers. That’s nearly twice as much as the resources of the National Archives stored in a total of three central and 30 regional archives.

In addition to the Central Document Archive in Chorzow, we also have a specialized archival warehouse in Sokolow, operations centers in Warsaw and Lodz, and a banking process service center in Katowice. We also have a network of 50 law offices spread across the country.