Strong position of OEX Group in the insurance sector.

The Outsourcing Experts Group strengthens its position in the insurance sector.

The Outsourcing Experts Group strengthens its position in the insurance sector. The current contract for archiving of documents, which is being executed by ArchiDoc a leader in innovative document management and business processes outsourcing – in favour of companies belonging to the PZU Group, places the OEX Group in the lead of Polish companies offering back-office services in an external model. As part of the contract, ArchiDoc is responsible for archiving and registering the archived documents of PZU SA and PZU Życie.

Due to the scope and the scale of activities of companies operating in the market, the insurance sector is one of the most promising areas of activity of the Outsourcing Experts Group. A survey ordered by ArchiDoc with IPSOS has shown that 83% of entities in the banking and insurance sectors use the outsourcing solutions consisting of back-office services, while 81% of them declare regular outsourcing of such activities to external operators and 37% of the surveyed companies in this sector are planning to extend the scope of the collaboration implemented through the outsourcing model in the nearest future.

The collaboration between ArchiDoc and PZU has been lasting since May 2010. A key task of the Outsourcing Experts Group at the first stage of the collaboration was a comprehensive organisation, registration and archiving of both active and inactive documentation of PZU. The contract performed by ArchiDoc for PZU SA and PZU Życie encompasses:

  • the take-over of local archives of PZU’s client documentation from the insurer’s field offices
  • storage of the documents
  • recording data in a computer system at different file unit levels (binder, folder, document)
  • providing PZU employees with current access to the archived documentation
  • making original and scanned documents available at client’s request
  • storing electronic versions of the files which have been made available.

The commissioning of the document archiving process to ArchiDoc has allowed PZU to enjoy not only cost-effectiveness, but also save time connected with the archiving and storing of files. Owing to this cooperation PZU has also gained access to the outsourcer’s modern technology.

The PZU project was initially implemented in three locations. Currently, the main archive of PZU is located in the ArchiDoc Operational Center at Niedźwiedziniec Street in Chorzów.
The process of archiving the documentation of PZU SA and PZU Życie is performed based on the original office system INDO, which is used in Poland only by ArchiDoc from the Outsourcing Experts Group.

“The project connected with the take-over and archiving of documents belonging to the largest Polish insurer was a huge venture for us, inter alia, due to the scale of PZU’s activities. The creation of a registration key for each documentation area was a crucial element of our collaboration. Thanks to the standardization and optimalization of the files take-over process, PZU employees has gained an immediate access to all the archived data. Altogether, we have delegated as many as 230 employees to PZU", says Konrad Rochalski, President of the Management Board of ArchiDoc SA.

ArchiDoc – a company being part of the structures of OEX Group – offers ready-to-use solutions adjusted to the operation profile of insurance companies, which guarantee maximum automation in the scope of data search and archiving. The company ensures comprehensive services in the scope of back-office processes based on modern IT solutions: office applications (INDO-SNOK), electronic document repository (DMS), electronic circulation of documents/business process management (BPM), support system (Helpdesk) and a supervision system of the handling of correspondence.

Electronic archiving of files not only increases the standards of insurer’s document management processes, but also significantly improves customer service and data security and confidentiality. Such a business model allows optimizing the costs associated with the staff, maintenance of the infrastructure and office space. Apart from PZU SA and PZU Życie, among the clients from the insurance sector who have already benefited from the services offered by ArchiDoc from the Outsourcing Experts Group, there are Warta, Compensa and Uniqa.