Industry solutions

Energy and utilities

We work for a number of entities from the power and public service sector:

electricity generators and distributors

gas distributors

special purpose vehicles belonging to power sector capital groups

water and sewage companies

waste management companies

5 out of 7

largest power and gas providers in Poland are our customers

Customers from this sector

Examples of Processes Handled


  • Handling contracts – registration, verification, digitization
  • Handling contract annexes and supplements

Customer service

  • Handling service provider changes
  • Handling the complaint process
  • Handling resignations
  • Maintaining customer relations (e-mail)
  • Providing logistics services related to marketing materials


  • Registering and digitizing invoices, adjustment notes, payment orders
  • Implementing an electronic invoice handling system
  • Debt collection


  • Digitizing HR and payroll-related documentation of employees
  • Creating e-files and feeding documents on an on-going basis
  • Handling non-compensation benefits
  • Maintaining relations with authorities (Public Insurance Institution, Tax Office)


  • Rendering secretariat services at the company’s headquarters
  • Digitizing technical, large-format documentation
  • Performing reception desk processes
  • Employment outsourcing

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Case studies

PKP Energetyka Centrum Usług Wspólnych Sp. z o.o.

Approximately 6 000 paper and electronic documents processed each month, approximately 120 000 metrics obtained during the month.


Electricity provider

Over 2,300 meters of documents taken over and recorded; documents collected from 20 locations throughout Poland.


Our customers