Managing documents – both those already in existence and the newly created once – based on a unique service model.

Converting paper documents into the electronic form, with digital images made available to the customer.

We make sure that document processing-related processes are compliant with applicable legal requirements.

Automation of business processes with the use of different technologies and our know-how.

Our secretariat services are related to incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence.

Comprehensive range of data registration services, performing activities that accompany entering information to IT systems.

A unique solution created based on many years of experience and millions of documents processed.

Case studies

PKP Energetyka S.A.

Over 2,500 running metres of documents taken over and recorded. Documents collected from 18 locations throughout Poland.


PKP Energetyka Centrum Usług Wspólnych Sp. z o.o.

Approximately 6 000 paper and electronic documents processed each month, approximately 120 000 metrics obtained during the month.


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