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We are one of Poland’s largest BPO companies
offering a comprehensive range of business
process digitization, document management
back-office services.

We have been successfully fostering flow of information and customer service processes for 25 years now. We help optimize our clients’ costs. We support them in developing and implementing paperless office strategies and in replacing traditional documents with their electronic counterparts.

Digital office

We know perfectly well the specifics of back-office processes and we know how to take care of data and document security.

We run 5 modern operations centers and work at 50 clients’ locations throughout the country. We digitize, process and store documents and materials on other types of media. E-documents or data derived therefrom are made available to our clients in the most convenient form - via our INDO platform, directly through their in-house systems, or on physical mediums. Data may be registered in an electronic workflow system.

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We provide our services by the use of the most advanced
technologies supporting document management, including,
without limitation, our original INDO platform and WEBCON BPS.

Our environment guarantee data security and integrity.
We provide technological solutions in the SaaS (Software
as a Service) model. We exchange fixed costs into
variable costs. Our settlements with clients are based
on actually performed operations.

  • Optimization of costs
  • Flexible access to technology
  • Data security 
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Our Team

We have established teams specializing in cooperation with specific sectors. Our experts have knowledge and experience gained during the performance of projects for the largest entities. We commence our cooperation with a customer from a through analysis and development of a solution combining market best practices with specific needs of a given company or institution.

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5 bn

documents in archives
and e-archives

95 mln

documents handled
annually in mailrooms

200 mln

pages of documents scanned

40 mln

documents handled
annually by robots

500 +

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