Physical security measures protecting operation
rooms, IT infrastructure and storage facilities

Ensuring high availability of IT
systems, clustering, replication, hardware
redundancy, backup center

IT infrastructure monitored and
technical assistance offered 24/7/365

Strict internal procedures, system-based
monitoring of operations

Continues modularization and virtualization
of infrastructure, optimization of costs and
increasing resistance to failures


Physical protection measures

  • around-the-clock surveillance of facilities and operation rooms,
  • Central Archive equipped with a dedicated fire suppression system,
  • access control systems in all rooms,
  • IT systems may be accessed only by authorized personnel (log-in control, periodic assignment of new passwords),
  • system-based tracking of operations performed by employees,
  • data transferred via secure, encrypted connections,
  • document tracking (multiple controls at each stage of processing a given medium),
  • ensuring high reliability and availability of IT systems (clustering, replication, hardware redundancy, backup center),
  • protection and archiving of data (creation of backup copies on multiple occasions during the day, quick recovery of data, data stored at the backup center),
  • system protecting against Internet attacks (firewalls and anti-virus protection),
  • ability to work in the customer’s corporate networks.

Procedural security

We comply with data security requirements provided for in Polish legal acts (including the Accounting Act, Personal Data Protection Act or the Regulation of the Minister of Culture on storing personnel- and payroll-related documentation by employers).

We undergo periodic audits conducted by the Provincial Marshal Office to verify if the requirements applicable to entities entered into the register of personal and payroll file keepers are complied with.

Certificates and permits

We hold the Industrial Security Certificate issued by the Internal Security Agency (ABW), confirming that confidential data re protected in the proper manner.

ArchiDoc staff undergo periodic training on internal security-related solutions and on “Protecting Confidential Information”. Some of them hold “Security Certificates” issued by the Internal Security Agency (ABW). In addition, each employee signs a non-disclosure clause and undertakes to keep confidential legally protected information.

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