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Flexibility allowing to match specific nature of customer’s needs

Cost effectiveness

Full technical assistance and development of the system (SaaS model)

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INDO provides easy and comfortable access to electronic documents Customer’s employees using the system have access to a number of functionalities enabling them to efficiently handle the documentation stored therein. Currently, the system has over 30,000 users.

  • incoming documentation module,
  • outgoing documentation module,
  • e-archive (electronic repository),
  • advanced search mechanisms,
  • integration with the following IT systems: CRM, BPS, OCR,
  • user management module,
  • reporting system,
  • document version management,
  • information security procedures.


The Correspondence Flow Management System (System Nadzoru Obiegu Korespondencji – SNOK) supports ArchiDoc’s secretarial services, ensuring efficient monitoring of the flow of documents within the organization, and optimizing the work of couriers. Each stage of the flow of documents within the organization is recorded in the system, which prevents the loss of parcels. The solution relies on the HandHeld mobile technology supporting queues, implementing the topography of a given location, registering collections and notice deliveries, as well as reporting statuses.

  • incoming correspondence module,
  • outgoing correspondence module,
  • handling combined shipments,
  • mass mailing,
  • handling returns,
  • e-mail notifications about waiting correspondence,
  • integration with systems of Poczta Polska (Polish Mail) and of external courier companies,
  • reporting system.


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology allows to automate the process of decoding documents and recording data in IT systems. Deployment of such a solution allows us to significantly reduce the time and the costs related to this particular process.

INDO OCR is a tool transforming images / document scans into editable files of various formats, e.g. Word, txt, Excel and other. The use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions allows us to automatically register the data (collected, from instance, from a paper invoice) in the ERP system. Then, the majority of such data is automatically verified and approved, guaranteeing the error-free rate that is not available to humans.

  • electronic document
  • smart/full-context analysis of the document,
  • verification and approval of results,
  • customer system interface

INDO OCR may be integrated with various IT systems, and the process of automatic processing of data obtained from documents is based on predefined rules, in accordance with the needs and the specific nature of our customers’ business.


Looking for a solution in the form of Business Process Management (BPM) software, we decided to team up with WEBCON– manufacturers of a Microsoft SharePoint platform product that is renowned in Poland and all over the world: WEBCON BPS. WEBCON BPS is integrated with INDO and constitutes a part of the comprehensive ArchiDoc technology platform.

WEBCON BPS is a Rapid Application Development class platform enabling its users to handle various business processes of the following nature:

  • Operational
  • Financial
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • IT

WEBCON BPS is an integrated tool combining functionalities of applications that are of key importance for business operations, and effectively supporting the digital transformation or organizations.

  • user-friendly interface
  • graphic business process editor
  • two-way integration with other systems
  • advanced OCR mechanism
  • mobile device interface

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