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The market is going to race over time while implementing the OFE reform


ArchiDoc with the biggest document archive in Poland

A company from the OASIS group is expanding their Central Document Archive in Chorzów, Poland.


Electronic document workflow is becoming more and more popular in public administration in Poland

Changes in the field of digitization in the public administration sector are taking place right in front of our eyes.


ArchiDoc opens a credit application center for banks.

ArchiDoc, a company from the OASIS Group, provides advanced and comprehensive back-office and operational support services for nearly 30 most significant entities in the Polish financial sector.


ArchiDoc supports the processes of handling traffic tickets

ArchiDoc, a company from the OASIS Group, is one of the few firms on the Polish market that offers entities the handling of traffic tickets from Poland and abroad.


Integrated information exchange systems in BPO processes

ArchiDoc is a leader in the digital transformation of business processes.


ArchiDoc continues handling personnel documentation for Groupon

Following the successful digitisation of Groupon’s archive personnel documentation in 9 European offices, ArchiDoc continues the day-to-day handling of employee personnel files.


Three phases of the BPO market development in Poland. We are getting better.

The Polish market of business services has come a long way over the last 30 years. Companies representing this very market are in no way inferior to those from abroad. Numerous indications show that we are getting closer to the next phase of development.


Outsourcing has proven to be resistant

According to the report on the modern business center industry and business services in the EMEA published recently by the ABSL, the industry is doing well.