18.02.2008, ArchiDoc become a member of Outsourcing Institute

On the map of outsourcing schools a new entity appeared – Outsourcing Institute, an independent project which stays under operational and essential support of Harvard Business Review Polska.

On the map of outsourcing schools a new entity appeared – Outsourcing Institute, an independent project which stays under operational and essential support of Harvard Business Review Polska.

The inauguration of the Institute had place in Polish Business Committee residence, during a special meeting for Harvard Business Review Polska magazine subscribers. The pioneers of outsourcing market, specialized in different areas of services, inter alia: ADP Polska, Alcatel-Lucent, ArchiDoc, BusinessPoint, Call Center Poland, Deloitte, EDS-Poland, IBM, Impel, Hewlett-Packard, Sygnity, Target Polska became members of the organization.

The target of activity

The superior target of Outsourcing Institute is to raise the level of knowledge in the area of the use of outsourcing in companies. The Institute is a platform of the best practice and experience exchanging between companies. It is also to inform about concrete solutions and their introduction results by companies in Poland. The Institute is the answer to needs and problems of the branch, connected, for example, with the ambiguity and stereotypes of the concept. On Polish market there is still lack of information which confirm the growing matter of outsourcing as a source of innovation, strategy development, operational effectiveness increase, talent and competence gaining and not only as a tool of costs reduction. The lack of full understanding between sides and insufficient preparation to the process, both of customers and service providers, becomes a barrier and make companies skeptical towards the idea of using outsourcing. The key to success is a good, partnership relation between two groups based on clear communication, open attitude and mutual confidence.


One of the first activities taken by the Institute was starting at www.instytut-outsourcingu.pl a special informative – educational portal which enable outsourcing branch to communicate with the market and which creates the first in Poland knowledge base of outsourcing. The merits content of the site is, inter alia: texts connected with the issues of this scope which also appear in HBRP or are delivered by companies-partners of outsourcing solutions’ case studio, recordings from conferences or other events – internet sound broadcasts and multimedia stuff, overviews of researches made by the Institute or by the members of the organization. Announcements of events covered by, or under the patronage of, the Institute and its particular partners will be published on the site as well as presentations of companies which are a part of the Institute.

The Institute plans to prepare, at least once a year, a big research project in which all of its members will be engaged as well as organization of conference which will present the best solutions and practices connected with outsourcing use by the leading companies. Activities of the Institute will be accompanied with edition of annual report in HBRP, which presents different aspects of outsourcing in Polish companies and the most important challenges related to them. The complement to the Institute activities spectrum will be organization of special, thematic breakfasts realized with one or many partners, which will raise up different subjects of outsourcing and make possible to exchange the knowledge and experiences. Breakfasts will happen as “Harvard Business Review Polska and Polish Business Committee Breakfast” in Sobanski Palace – the residence of Polish Business Committee.


The Institute directs its activities to companies which deliver professional outsourcing services, to entities using outsourcing successfully as well as to those who are interested in introducing this kind of solutions. These are organizations which uses complex and advanced services – implementation of which was inspired by mother concern or by the effect of development strategy realization, as well as companies which have no broaden knowledge about the mechanisms and targets of outsourcing, they do not approach it in a strategic way but in favourable conditions, in the whole company or its activity part strategy scale, they can be interested in using those kinds of services.