ArchiDoc supports the processes of handling traffic tickets

ArchiDoc, a company from the OASIS Group, is one of the few firms on the Polish market that offers entities the handling of traffic tickets from Poland and abroad.

ArchiDoc, a company from the OASIS Group, is one of the few firms on the Polish market that offers entities the handling of traffic tickets from Poland and abroad. One of the clients who has implemented it at their premises is a company which is among the top 10 largest lessors in Poland. Thanks to the support of ArchiDoc, it has raised the after-sales service for its customers to an even higher level.

Many drivers happen to get a ticket, also abroad. If they have a car under lease or long-term rental, this unpleasant souvenir from a trip becomes a big problem for the bank or leasing company – the actual vehicle owner. Handling a ticket is an additional burden for them, which is particularly crippling in the time of a pandemic. At the same time, negligence in this area may translate into measurable financial losses for the company, calculated in millions of zloty.

The OASIS Group is one of the largest providers of document and information management solutions in Europe. We cooperate with many financial institutions on the continent. In Poland, ArchiDoc, which is part of the OASIS Group, serves all top ten banks and a number of other financial entities. We know what problems they face on a daily basis. That is why, based on our Polish and international experience, we have implemented a service supporting the process of handling traffic tickets in order to relieve the departments responsible for after-sales processes,” says Bartosz Terlecki, Vice-President of ArchiDoc, OASIS Group, responsible for operations and technology.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

A challenging project

 Although the monthly volume of documents in the project for one of the leading lessors does not exceed 5,000, the process is not simple. Firstly, traffic authorities across Europe use different document templates. Sometimes tickets from the same country differ depending on the federal state or the institution that issues them. In some countries, such as France, the relevant steps must be performed on the operator’s website. This makes the automation and robotization of this process a real challenge.

Secondly, these services send out requests for payment to the addresses where the cars are registered. These are often the local branches of leasing companies.

Thirdly, in order to be able to contact the lessee, you must have up-to-date information about the users of the vehicles, but also about the assignments in the contract.

The fact that the services responsible for traffic safety send correspondence in paper form is an additional complication. In the era of common remote work, the handling of letters may constitute an additional organisational obstacle for a bank or leasing or fleet management company.

We have tried to design a solution that will answer all these challenges,” says Bartosz Terlecki.

How we do it

 In the presented case, the project concerns the handling of tickets from Poland and 17 European countries. When the ticket arrives at the regional branch where the car is registered, it is immediately sent by internal mail to the headquarters, from where it is collected by an ArchiDoc courier, together with others. Additionally, thanks to a developed network of local offices throughout Poland, ArchiDoc is able to collect them directly from the local branches of the lessor.

Then, in the ArchiDoc operational centre in Chorzow, the documentation is scanned. The OCR algorithms read the vehicle identification data and compare it with the databases. Additionally, using OCR technology, other necessary information is obtained from the received correspondence. To reduce the likelihood of error, the sender information is compared with the institution’s database, which was built specifically for the project. All these operations are performed fully automatically using the robot application built by the ArchiDoc team.

In the next step, outgoing correspondence addressed to the user of the car is prepared, together with the scans of the ticket attached to it. Depending on one’s preferred form, this can be by email or traditional mail.

The ArchiDoc systems also automatically generate a response to the traffic safety services. The message contains information about the user of the vehicle (lessee’s data). The Outsourcer, on behalf of the leasing company, is responsible for printing out this correspondence, enveloping and addressing it, and then sending it by post directly from its Operations Centre.

A solution from A to Z

The ArchiDoc service for the processing of tickets is still evolving. New functionalities are constantly being developed, which reduce the commitment needed on the part of the customer.

There are many such possibilities. For example, we are able to integrate our IT systems with the client’s accounting systems, provide information about the ticket to charge a handling fee for handling the case in accordance with the Tariff of Fees and Commissions,” explains Sławomir Grzywocz, Business Development Manager at ArchiDoc, OASIS Group.

Sławomir Grzywocz stresses that the advantage of this solution is its flexibility and the possibility of rebuilding the process to respond to the needs of a specific company. This is possible thanks to the internal team of programmers at ArchiDoc. This makes the implementation of the solution on the part of ArchiDoc relatively fast – the operation can be launched up to two months after signing the contract, depending on the customer’s conditions.