[Case study] How we implemented Electronic Document Workflow at CANAL+ Polska

Do you want to know the behind-the-scenes process of implementing a system for Electronic Document Workflow? And want to be specific? Go ahead!


That’s why we are presenting a case study from a project we carried out on Electronic Invoice Workflow at CANAL+ Polska. In it, we used Webcon BPS – a lowcode platform for electronic document workflow and the digitalisation, automation and management of business processes.


The CANAL+ Polska SA Group is a leading publisher and broadcaster of premium TV channels and an aggregator and the second largest distributor of pay-TV packages in Poland, with a 20.4% share of the traditional pay-TV market. The company, which is part of a French TV station, has been present on the Polish market since 1995. It currently serves nearly 2.7 million subscribers.


In the material you will find detailed breakdowns of such information as:

  • the company’s document workflow business needs,
  • project background,
  • the timetable for implementing the electronic invoice workflow system,
  • number of document workflows and its justification
  • and much more!


You will also see in practice what it means that ArchiDoc addresses document management in a 360-degree model!


Case study CANAL+ Polska S.A.