Mutual Outsourcing

The Outsourcing Experts Group has implemented an innovative business model based on mutual provision of outsourcing services by the companies: Business Support Solutions (BSS) and ePRUF from the stock market group Pelion S.A.

The Outsourcing Experts Group has implemented an innovative business model based on mutual provision of outsourcing services by the companies: Business Support Solutions (BSS) and ePRUF from the stock market group Pelion S.A. The form of the collaboration is based on mutual provision of services by the companies belonging to both holdings, including the archiving of documents and a call center campaign, and on the other side – bookkeeping. Such collaboration is a unique solution implemented by companies representing the Business Process Outsourcing market in Poland.

According to a Millward Brown SMG/KRC survey, which was commissioned by the Outsourcing Institute, the Polish BPO market value in 2011 reached nearly 4 billion zlotys. In the coming years, the growth dynamics of the Business Process Outsourcing sector can reach a double-digit figure. Currently, there are about 80 thousand people employed in the outsourcing services sector.

The cooperation between ArchiDoc and BSS started in the first quarter of 2012. A key task of the company from the Outsourcing Experts Group is, on the one hand, a comprehensive organisation, registration and archiving of both active and inactive documentation of the companies serviced by Business Support Solution S.A. Exclusively for the needs of the collaboration of BSS, ArchiDoc has created a catalogue of files which contains information concerning all types of documentation intended to be taken over. In addition, each individual archive unit prior to registration in the INDO storage system will be labelled with a unique barcode which will allow for unambiguous identification and finding of a document.

This is not the only platform of the cooperation between the Outsourcing Experts Group and companies from the PELION Healthcare Group. Since the 4th quarter of 2011, Voice Contact Center , a company providing services in a scope of call and contact center, collaborates with ePRUF which, in turn, specializes in the organization and management of private drug refunding programs. The telephone contact campaign implemented by Voice Contact Center has been created for people over 60 years old, to enable them taking care of their health in a comprehensive way. The 60+ program participants are offered various privileges, including first of all, special low prices of many prescription drugs and selected over-the-counter drugs. In addition, Voice Contact Center supports ePRUF in the carrying out of CATI surveys.

At the same time, from the beginning of 2012 BSS took over the accounting services of all the companies from the Outsourcing Experts Group.

“Companies representing the same sector do not have to solely compete with one another. They can also effectively cooperate, both operationally and financially, thereby supplementing their competences "- said Konrad Rochalski, President of the Management Board of OEX SA.

"The decision about mutual provision of services by the OEX Group and BSS was a natural business move which is already delivering tangible benefits to both companies", adds Mariola Belina-Prażmowska, Vice-President of BSS S.A.

ArchiDoc is a leader in outsourcing solutions in the field of document management and handling of back-office processes. Currently, the company is part of the Outsourcing Experts Group. ArchiDoc uses the most advanced technologies and solutions, which constantly improve the quality of services offered and make it possible to further extend the offer. Owing to this, the company provides clients with comprehensive services to support back-office processes based on modern IT solutions: office applications, electronic document repository (DMS), electronic circulation of documents/business process management (BPM), support system (Helpdesk) and a supervision system to facilitate handling of correspondence. The solutions offered also include services dedicated to specific areas of business.

Voice Contact Center specializes in comprehensive services in the call and contact center area. The company realizes campaigns using communication channels such as: telephone, e-mail, short text message, fax or chat. Voice Contact Center not only offers the preparation and implementation of single services, but also focuses on the comprehensive handling of entire processes which combine the virtual customer service with sale activities, marketing and document management.

Voice Contact Center attends a few dozen companies, the biggest of which are: ITI Neovision, Loyalty Partners, Maspex, Netia, Onet.pl, G+J RBA Publishing House, Polish Scientific Publishers (PWN), Dr Josef Raabe Publishing Company, Allianz Insurance and Reinsurance Company and Xevin Consulting. In May 2011, Voice Contact Center opened a new operations center in Łódź, where 300 consultants are going to be employed as a target. In June 2011, the company was awarded the Golden Arrow prize in the category of Telemarketing.

The company Business Support Solutions S.A. was established in response to the increasing demand for professional and comprehensive accounting, financial, personnel and payroll related, and controlling and legal services, from the side of domestic and foreign companies belonging to the PELION S.A. holding. At present, BSS S.A. is a dynamically developing company in the outsourcing industry, which among its clients has businesses dealing with real estate development and management, shipping, wholesale, debt management, providers of medical services and many others. The company employs over 300 people, including highly skilled professionals in the following fields: accounting, finance, controlling, reporting and legal advice, while building its advantage on both the quality of services, clients’ data security and confidentiality, and on its business partnership-based approach.

ePRUF S.A. is building the first in Poland private drugs refunding system. The system assumes the creation and management of programmes allowing private co-financing of the purchase of medicines on behalf of various entities. The system is based on a nationwide network of 2,000 pharmacies, which distribute drugs under the refunding programs organized by ePRUF S.A.