Insurance sector digitizes customer service

Companies from the insurance sector invest not only in new technologies, but also in know-how, by dint of which they are capable of optimisation of operations with regard to information flow, among other things.


Digitisation has many advantages for the back office and customer services industry

An increasing number of Polish companies is heading in the direction of digitisation and process automation technologies The process of digital transformation is facilitated by entities from the business services sector.


Claim management process is becoming more efficient

There is again a lot of talk about the insurance sector, this time mainly due to nearly 30% raises in liability insurance premiums observed since the beginning of the year. Although some tension between the insurer and the claimant seems unavoidable, numerous insurance aspects are changing in the client's favor.


ArchiDoc supports InterRisk’s claim management and processing of insurance policies

ArchiDoc began cooperation with InterRisk. Under the project the outsourcer provides a service which facilitates the process of claim management and the processing of insurance policies. The solution, which is supported by ArchiDoc's proprietary IT system INDO, is profiled for the needs of the insurance sector.