OCR / Robotization of processes


Insurance sector digitizes customer service

Companies from the insurance sector invest not only in new technologies, but also in know-how, by dint of which they are capable of optimisation of operations with regard to information flow, among other things.


Automation combined with know-how

Artificial intelligence, automation and robotization of processes are some of today’s hottest market trends. Do solutions of this type always bring about the business advantages that are expected of them?


Back office processes compliant with the GDPR

According to a survey made by Kantar Public commissioned by GIODO, 72% of companies are not familiar with the details which must be implemented in connection with the entry into force of the GDPR.


ArchiDoc: 2015 was the best year for the sector of document and back-office process management services

The number of companies which use document management outsourcing and back-office processes increases every year. According to preliminary estimates ArchiDoc's income increased in 2015 by approximately 20%, which reflects the general situation on the market.