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Press releases


Aid in remote work. How to shift from a paper document workflow to an electronic one when facing the risk of the coronavirus

If the pandemic is here to stay, companies will have to define their processes all over again. A tool that can help them do so is an electronic document workflow. Adam Kubat, ArchiDoc SA, OASIS Group, explains how to start using it during crisis caused by the coronavirus.


Two new ArchiDoc operational centres

ArchiDoc is opening a central archiving storehouse near Warsaw and an operational centre in Łódź. Together with the operational centre in Warsaw, the new facilities will constitute a complex handling orders from central Poland.


The archives of courts and prosecutor’s offices are bursting at the seams. Are Poland’s important documents in danger?

The archives of the judicial institutions are bursting at the seams. The situation is so dire that they are forced to rent random warehouses for file storage.


Brexit may affect development of the outsourcing industry in Poland

Due to the planned exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, global BPO companies use their Polish firms to attract new customers. As a result, more and more business comes to Poland, to the benefit of the outsourcing industry.


5 tips: How to choose the right workflow system?

The electronic document workflow is used in many different business areas. What to look for when selecting a solution in order to optimally use its functionalities?


ArchiDoc has implemented a global project for Groupon

ArchiDoc company completed the digitization of personnel documents for 9 European Groupon branches. Within two months, ArchiDoc processed over 80,000 pages of multilingual client documentation.


ArchiDoc rewarded with Forbes Diamond Award 2019

ArchiDoc is among the fastest growing companies according to Forbes ranking. The list includes entities which achieved the highest average growth in value in the period 2013-2017.


Double-digit growth of the Polish BPO market

Strong emphasis on digitization, process automation and complex situation in the labour market – these are the main factors influencing the dynamic growth of Business Process Outsourcing services in Poland.


Insurance sector digitizes customer service

Companies from the insurance sector invest not only in new technologies, but also in know-how, by dint of which they are capable of optimisation of operations with regard to information flow, among other things.