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Examples of Processes Handled

Production, infrastructure, research

  • Digitizing and handling technical documentation
  • Digitizing and handling production documentation
  • Digitizing and handling quality documentation
  • Digitizing and handling know-how related documentation
  • Specialized digitization services (large formats, large volumes)
  • Maintaining technical infrastructure

Sales / Customer Service

  • Creating an electronic repository of digital document copies
  • Ensuring that the workflow system operates properly
  • Providing support in processing and handling contracts
  • Building CRM


  • Implementing an electronic system for handling cost/procurement invoices
  • Registering and digitizing invoices, adjustment notes, payment orders with the use of OCR
  • E-archive
  • Feeding electronic documents to the workflow system
  • Creating a system for collecting, on an on-going basis, financial documentation from investment projects (construction sites, contracts)
  • Managing documentation resources stored at the AD archive


  • Digitizing personal files of employees
  • Digitizing employment relationship-related documentation
  • Importing electronic documentation related to the employment relationship
  • Creating e-files and feeding all documents related to a given employee on an on-going basis
  • Including, on an on-going basis, supplementary paper documents to the employees’ e-files
  • Handling non-compensation benefits
  • Maintaining relations with authorities (Public Insurance Institution, Tax Office)
  • Managing documentation resources stored at the AD archive


  • Secretariat services
  • Distributing documents / managing on-going documentation
  • Managing documentation resources

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