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implementations of the Electronic Medical Documentation System

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Examples of Processes Handled


  • Handling agreements with commercial customers / patients – registration, verification, digitization
  • Handling contract annexes and supplements

Patient-related services

  • Entering data collected during an appointment to the IT system
  • Mass-scale digitization (scanning) of archive medical documentation, exporting data to the EDM system implemented at the healthcare establishment (feeding data to the electronic patient files)


  • Registering and digitizing invoices, adjustment notes, payment orders
  • Implementing an electronic invoice handling system
  • Debt collection


  • Digitizing HR and payroll-related documentation of employees
  • Creating e-files and feeding documents on an on-going basis
  • Handling non-compensation benefits
  • Maintaining relations with authorities (Public Insurance Institution, Tax Office)


  • Renting archive space (medical archive)
  • Storing patient files, X-ray images, administration documents
  • Performing reception desk processes
  • Employment outsourcing

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Case studies

Chain of clinics specializing in treating heart diseases

Stocktaking and archiving medical documents; over 200,000 documents stored.


Phlexglobal Limited

Comprehensive support during the process of launching the company’s operations center in Poland; project construction from scratch; 100 employees.


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