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Digitization and e-archive


Three phases of the BPO market development in Poland. We are getting better.

The Polish market of business services has come a long way over the last 30 years. Companies representing this very market are in no way inferior to those from abroad. Numerous indications show that we are getting closer to the next phase of development.


5 tips: How to choose the right workflow system?

The electronic document workflow is used in many different business areas. What to look for when selecting a solution in order to optimally use its functionalities?


Automation combined with know-how

Artificial intelligence, automation and robotization of processes are some of today’s hottest market trends. Do solutions of this type always bring about the business advantages that are expected of them?


OEX Group supports the VIPPO customer service process

 Voice Contact Center and ArchiDoc, OEX Group companies, provide services in the area of multi-channel customer service and document management for VIPPO, a new player on the fin-tech market in Poland.


Digitisation has many advantages for the back office and customer services industry

An increasing number of Polish companies is heading in the direction of digitisation and process automation technologies The process of digital transformation is facilitated by entities from the business services sector.


ArchiDoc digitizes OTIS document circulation processes

 ArchiDoc, a member of the OEX Group, has introduced a solution automating the circulation of financial documents shared within one of the world’s largest manufacturers of elevators, escalators and moving walkways. Cooperation with OTIS Sp. z o.o. includes digitization of documents as well.


DPD Polska is one more client of ArchiDoc from KEP (courier, express, parcel) market

ArchiDoc from OEX Group implemented complex solution facilitating documents flow in a courier company, DPD Polska. The service was adjusted to the specification of the processes implemented by the entities in the transportation and logistics industry.


ArchiDoc: 2015 was the best year for the sector of document and back-office process management services

The number of companies which use document management outsourcing and back-office processes increases every year. According to preliminary estimates ArchiDoc's income increased in 2015 by approximately 20%, which reflects the general situation on the market.


ArchiDoc supports InterRisk’s claim management and processing of insurance policies

ArchiDoc began cooperation with InterRisk. Under the project the outsourcer provides a service which facilitates the process of claim management and the processing of insurance policies. The solution, which is supported by ArchiDoc's proprietary IT system INDO, is profiled for the needs of the insurance sector.