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City Office

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State Archives


Scientific and
cultural institutions


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Examples of Processes Handled


  • Digitizing current, archive and technical documentation, files of archives, libraries and museums, bound publications, library catalogs, court and official files, personal files
  • Digitizing resources with the use of specialized equipment – scanners for 16 and 35 mm films, scanners for large format documents (A0+), scanners for old prints and manuscripts;
  • Scanning land survey documentation (appraisal reports, maps, list of changes, land and owner registers, etc.) and entering the data to surveying systems;
  • Computer-based archiving of source files and their conversion to presentation formats;
  • Preparing descriptions of digital resources;
  • Creating an electronic archive of documents along with the metadata describing those documents;
  • Structuring A and B category documents, disposing of documentation;
  • Storing documentation and providing access to the resources;
  • Maintaining electronic registers (archive resources, court cases, personal files, court enforcement documentation, case files, etc.);
  • Drawing up secretariat and archive standards;

Customer service

  • Handling secretariat operations at the customer’s premises
  • Handling incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Supporting office and substantive processes
  • Implementing an electronic workflow system


  • Keeping a record of and digitizing invoices, adjustment notes, payment orders, accounting documentation


  • Digitizing HR and payroll-related documentation of employees
  • Creating e-files and feeding documents on an on-going basis
  • Handling non-compensation benefits
  • Maintaining relations with authorities (Public Insurance Institution, Tax Office)

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Case studies

National Digital Archive

Large amounts of resources digitized within a short period of time


Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

Digitization performed in the customer’s premises and the ArchiDoc operations center


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