Case studies

Electricity provider

Services rendered

  • Creating a central documentation archive
    • Creating a dedicated document registration catalog
    • Collecting documents from locations throughout Poland
    • Registering documents
    • Archiving paper documents
  • On-demand scanning of documentation
  • Storing documentation
  • Providing access to documents
  • Disposing of documents
  • Drawing up Rp-7 forms/span>
  • Running a file depository at the customer’s
    • Registering documents
    • Providing on-going access to original documents
    • On-demand scanning of documents
  • Secretariat services
  • Supporting secretariat operations at the customer’s


Over 2,300 running meters of documents taken over and registered

Over 12,000 kilometers covered while creating the archive

Documents collected from 20 locations throughout Poland

Over 500 running meters of personnel-related documentation registered

Business advantages

  • Quick and comfortable access to electronic documents, provided to users from several locations
  • Numerous employees of the customer may work with a single document simultaneously
  • Flexible reaction to periodic fluctuations in the quantities of documents processed
  • Timely performance of processes – SLA guarantees
  • Transferring responsibility for correct operation of the archive to the Contractor
  • Information contained in the documents being protected in a more efficient manner
  • Minimized risk of the source paper documentation being damaged/lost

Case studies

PKP Energetyka S.A.

Over 2,500 running metres of documents taken over and recorded. Documents collected from 18 locations throughout Poland.


PKP Energetyka Centrum Usług Wspólnych Sp. z o.o.

Approximately 6 000 paper and electronic documents processed each month, approximately 120 000 metrics obtained during the month.


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